Workshop on NLP Solutions for Under Resourced Languages

The 3rd International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (, was held on 12-13 September 2019, at the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of the University of Trento, Trento. The conference was an opportunity and a forum for researchers and students to exchange ideas and discuss research and trends in the field of Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing. The total number of submitted papers was 46 papers, where 20 of them with an acceptance rate of 43 % were accepted. The presented papers covered various topics dealing with both speech and text:  building resources, text summarization, spoken language understanding, etc. The program included two keynotes. The first one, entitled “Detecting the fake news before they were even written”, was presented by Dr. Preslav Nakov from Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI),Qatar.  The second keynote “One world – seven thousand languages” was  presented by Prof.  Fausto Giunchiglia from University of Trento, Italy. The conference was preceded by the workshop on NLP Solutions for Under Resourced Languages (NSURL). The workshop is concerned with solving NLP problems for low-resourced languages.