Diversity Pilot in MAK

Project information

Title Diversity Pilot in Makerere University
Start date March 18th, 2024
End date May 13th, 2024
Status Registration is now open!
Hosted by Makerere University, University of Trento (KnowDive Group)
Entity website http://knowdive.disi.unitn.it/
Project Description The “Diversity in MAK” survey collects information on the lifestyles and academic performances of the students at the University of Makerere. The survey follows the approach of the WeNet Horizon 2020 Project, which has successfully involved 10.000+ students all around the world, with the aim of fostering the scientific knowledge of the student's daily life and promoting the design of new technological tools and targeted support policies for students and universities. The survey is based on a cutting-edge data collection application called iLog, developed by the University of Trento (Italy).
Scientific domain Computational Social Sciences
Project Category Daily Routines, Students, Human Behaviour, Experience Sampling Methods, Sensor Data
Parent Projects https://www.internetofus.eu/

Joining the project

Tasks Download the iLog app, questionnaire answers, answers to daily questions, providing smartphone sensor data
Tasks details Once installed on your smartphone and given the permission to collect the data, the iLog app will ask you some permission and profile information. After this, the app will start sending every 30 minutes for 2 weeks the request to answer to four questions that require a few seconds of your time ("Where are you?"; "With whom are you?"; "What are you doing?"; and "What mood are you?"). You can interrupt the notification, please have a look at the Training Material for further info. Furthermore, the app will automatically collect data from your smartphone's sensors for 2 months. Please have a look at the Privacy Statement for the complete list of sensors.
The app does not consume mobile data, but you will need to connect to Wi-Fi occasionally to sync it!
Target group Bachelor and Master Students of Makerere University
Target number of participants 100
Frequency of Participation Daily, every half an hour for the first two weeks
Average time needed Two weeks for daily questions, two months for the entire project
Incentives type Monetary
Incentives amount For the first 100 people who register there is a compensation of UGX 20.000 for answering the questions sent in the 2 weeks. There will be an additional UGX 5000 bonus if you keep the app installed for the entire two months of data collection. In addition, there is a random drawing of five prizes of UGX 75000, to be selected randomly among those who will have filled out the greatest number of questions and provided the highest amount of sensor data for the two months.
Eligibility criteria The compensation will be given to the first 100 participants who have answered at least 85% of the notification and kept active the GPS and Bluetooth for at least 50% of the duration of the survey.
How to get started After downloading the Training Material and the iLog application, you can register for the experiment by entering the code below.
Experiment code 20240301
Android App URL iLog Android
iOS App URL iLog IOS (Apple)
Training Material User Manual

Ethics and Privacy Policy

Ethical Committee Approval The study has been approved by the Ethics Committee of Makerere University
Informed consent Informed-consent
Privacy Statement Privacy-statement

Contact information

Coordinator name Michael Kizito
Contacts michael.kizito@mak.ac.ug , ivan.kayongo@unitn.it