Datascientia plenary meeting – 02/03/2020

1. What is the Datascientia plenary meeting?

DataScientia plenary meetings are a good opportunity for new and established members alike to meet, get to know each other, discuss the exciting work and achievements done since the last meeting, and also plan ahead for future collaborations and breakthroughs.

Multiple categories are proposed to help organize the discussions but, true to our interest in diversity, each member is free to propose any session that they deem interesting for the other members and within the scope of Datascientia activities.

2. What is new in this meeting

We meet again a bit over one year after the kickoff meeting of 2019. Back then we introduced three main areas of Datascientia research – Behavioural/Language/Knowledge Diversity – and we launched a Behavioural Diversity capturing tool: i-Log, to be used by DataScientia partners for organizing experiments that generate research ready datasets about different human problems; like physical activity, traffic, academic performance, food intake,  pollution, among others. 

This year we meet again to share the great success of our launched initiative (with experiments in Paraguay, Mexico, China and soon more) and confidently go beyond as we announce our second major launch – Linguarena, in the Language Diversity area – that will lead us in the direction of capturing, managing and leveraging the language diversity around the world.  

The meeting is organized along the lines of four main categories:

  1. Behavioural Diversity: introduction and progress related to our ongoing i-Log initiative, along with discussions of its evolution, future potential and collaborations.
  2. Language Diversity: launch of the Linguarena initiative with an in-depth look to its principles, research goals and implemented tools being made offered to Datascientia partners from that day on.
  3. Knowledge Diversity: we will discuss their possibilities, value  and progress made on our Liveschema initiative.
  4. Teaching and dissemination: starting this year, we are organizing major mixed online and participatory courses related to the main Datascientia initiatives. This will surely become an important tool for gaining traction in academic environment and getting people interested in our work. 
  5. Our Datascientia: we will refresh the main values, principles and objectives that guide Datascientia and discuss how to work together to effectively collaborate towards them.

3. General information and meeting logistics

The Datascientia kickoff meeting will take place in Trento from Monday March the 2nd to Tuesday March the 3rd. (with a strong possibility of additional social and scientific events taking place before and after these dates).

These intense one and a half days of research will take place at the Department of dept. of Sociology from the University of Trento, via Verdi, 26, Trento.