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  1. Data is the fuel that is boosting the rise of a new, smarter, society that we want more open and enabling a better quality of life, while respecting local cultures and traditions.
  2. Public data should become a common good, reusable at affordable costs by everybody, independently of race, sex, religion, nationality, level of wealth or any other contingent factor.
  3. Data should be of the high quality which is necessary for their affordability.
  4. Data should properly record the diversity of the world, as we see it, in time and space, as well as the many diverse representations of the world itself, as they result from the local culture, needs and purpose. Data should be written in the local language, and they should record those facts that are locally relevant, with the format and values which are most appropriate.
  5. Data should enable the coordination of the local manifestations of diversity, thus allowing for the construction of progressively more unitary representations of the world. These representations should be constructed thanks to the voluntary efforts of the interested parties, each operating in full autonomy.
  6. KiDF (Knowledge in Diversity Foundation) is a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to develop an infrastructure capable of turning data into a common good and to enable the exploitation, both social and economic, of data via a global ecosystem of enterprises.
  7. KiDF’s first focus is the technological infrastructure.
  8. KiDF’s second focus is the organizational infrastructure, via the development and adoption of shared best practices.
  9. KiDF’s third focus is the legal infrastructure, dealing, among others, with the issues related to licensing and privacy.
  10. KiDF’s fourth focus is the social infrastructure, that is, a community centered around the development and dissemination of a shared data culture and a data driven thinking paradigm.

Message from Fausto

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